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What is a Mouli?

A mouli is a hand-operated kitchen utensil that is used to process food by pushing the food over a grating disc. Food that is processed using a mouli ends up very fine making them ideal for making baby food as well as creating purees. A mouli is similar to potato ricer as they both leave food finely prepared.

<2>Are Moulis the Same as Food Mills?

You might often see moulis referred to as food mills and vise versa. Both products work in a very similar way so if you can’t see the best mouli when shopping for one, try searching online for a food mill instead. You might increase the number of products that are displayed.

Other uses for a Mouli

Moulis are often used to make home-made baby-food as they can reduce the food to a soft and fine consistency that is perfect for babies to eat. The other main use for them is making purees but they can be used in any situation where you would like to process your food.

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