15cm Mouli Food Mill

A mouli is an instrument that purees food as well as mashes, skins and removes the husks from them. This instrument is perfect for those have a young child and need to make pureed food at home all the time. It saves time and energy while giving you excellent quality food for your child. The 15cm Baby Mouli Food Mill is made of stainless steel which makes it easy to clean. The heavy duty blade present in this product ensures that your food is pureed completely.

A mouli does not just stop at making food for children. The Baby Mouli Food Mill is also ideal for soups and any other mashed food needed in the house. It is easy to put together and can also being washed in the dishwasher. This makes your cooking experience easy. This mouli weighs only 400gms and has a 15cm diameter. It is 5.8cm high and the dimensions together with the handle come to 26.5cm x 15cm. With a holding capacity of 0.6 litre, you can be sure that it will puree enough food for your requirements. So don’t waste your time trying to manually puree your food, buy a mouli instead.

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